About Us

With Years Of Experience In Making Window Blinds, De Pine Window Shade Pte Ltd, Subsequently Increased Their Presence With Factories In Various Parts Of Asia. Focusing On Innovations And Improvements. De Pine Window Shade Pte Ltd is Today, The Largest Blinds Manufacturer and Wholesaler in Asia, Carrying Their Own Brand, Vietcis Window Shade

Our distinct features and What to Look out For When Choosing Blinds

1String Hook And Hook Up

With most conventional Blinds, it is common for the strings to be a hazard when the blinds are raised.

Always check to see whether the Blinds come with a String Hook

With the addition of a string hook, the risk of tripping and strings being tangled are now gone

2Condenser Bar

The Condenser Bar of a Blind System controls the balance of a Blind when lifting it Up.

A Good Condenser Bar will ensure that the Blinds are not slanted towards one side when retracting the Blinds.

3Privacy & Ultra Easy Lift

Privacy is one of the main factors when choosing a Blind System.

When looking out for a Blind System that touts Full Privacy, Take note of the Slants (Space) between the panels of the Blinds when the Blinds have been fully closed.

A Full Privacy Blind System will have no space in between the Panels when it is fully closed.

The above example on the Left shows a Blind with Space in between the Panels when fully closed (No Full Privacy)

The above example on the Right shows a Blind with No Space in between the Panels when fully closed (Full Privacy)